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20 Questions with Region 5 Insider

20 Questions with 2021 Senior Madison Steskal (Midwest Elite)

National Signing Day - 3

National Signing Day | November 11, 2020

I’m so excited that I made my commitment to the GWU official. I’m really looking forward to my future in DC as a student athlete. Go GDUB!! #raisehigh


Level 10 – Part 2

I’m looking forward to my 2nd year as a level 10. This summer was filled with a lot of fun camps and work on skills, both current and new. This year I’m hoping to be a lot more consistent and remain injury free so that I can make my way […]

Maddie Steskal yurchenko screenshot

Skills Update

The Level 10 season has started, and here’s an update on my latest progress for each event! Vault Workin on 1 1/2 Bars Blind Full Double Back Beam Full Routine Floor Front Layout Punch Rudi Double Pike 2.5 Twist Punch Pike

Region 5 Camp

Region 5 High Performance Camp was great! We focused a lot on technique as well as bigger skills. I got a lot of great feedback from coaches outside of my gym. I had a breakthrough on how to think about my Yurchenko 1/1 so that I get better rotation. Special […]

Ready for Level 10!

Summer Skills Recap Over the summer I worked on a lot of different skills I wanted for my level 10 routines this season. Here’s an update: Bars During the last season, I improved a lot with my Pak Salto, but it wasn’t solid. Now I am hitting it and my […]

L10 here I come

Level 10 Here I Come!

I’m so happy to have ended this season with a great meet and to be able to start training as a Level 10 gymnast. I’m ready to work this summer on getting all of my skills down so I can start Level 10 strong.